Trust & safety

Who Can I trust?

Great question, and one you should always ask yourself!

In today’s world of digital information, I’m wary of anyone promoting ALL their users as trusted – you’re essentially outsourcing your trust (and to who, someone profiting from their users?).

Recommendations and reviews are extremely difficult to govern and there is always a chance this information could be corrupted with false or misleading content.

If you are engaging anyone based on someone else’s recommendation, or reviews, we encourage you to do your homework and understand how the systems work.

What does Ask the Market do?

We don’t publish reviews – why – because we value trust and transparency and haven’t found a system yet that isn’t flawed in some way.

At Ask the Market we verify all our businesses have an Australian Business Number (ABN) when setting up their account. We place the ABN on their profile.

When a member of Ask the Market verifies their email address or mobile phone number we place a verification symbol (a tick symbol) on their profile.

We make provisions for additional information, such as licences, insurances, skills, and qualifications, on peoples profiles and posts.

Tips on what you could do?

Do not give out your personal details until you are comfortable to do so. For example, consider posting your street name without the street number. Businesses receiving new post notifications will get your notification but you decide which ones get your number.

Search the Australian Government’s ABN Lookup Tool to see the validity of Business Name, ABN, and GST registration status.

Check if your Contractor is Licensed. Most states have a Register of Licensed Contractors that is accessible to the public. For example, The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Licenced Contractors Register.

If available check out the members links to their website or social media pages to help you further review their capabilities.

Always state any requirements you need met (e.g. Insurances, Licences, Compliance details, Codes etc.), and check they can meet them, prior to you engaging them.