The difference we can make when we embrace our community

Ask the Market was always going to be more than a website that provided quotes, job leads and job openings. If it was to amount to anything, it had to be – at its core – a community.  

For the people, by the people. 

It’s why we’re driven by purpose, not profit and will always offer a free-to-use service. We want to play our part in keeping the money earned by small businesses in their own back pocket.  

 The community we keep 

It’s the internet. We know there’s a myriad of personalities online and just like in real life, we don’t always all get along. That said, we do think it’s important that there’s some community guidelines, keeping us accountable and guiding the kind of online community we want Ask the Market to be.  

As our community evolves, we’ll surely add to and revise these guidelines, but for now it’s important that we: 

  • Act with integrity. We believe in respecting others as you would have them respect you. Reply to a message from a business owner that has taken the time to prepare a quote for your job. Let all the applicants for a job know where the recruitment process is up to and what the next steps might be. There’s no need to ghost them. We can all be better than that.  
  • Be brave and find the courage to act. If you see or experience inappropriate behaviour from another community member, report it 
  • Have faith in someone. Let’s grow together. A tradie responding to your quote request might be starting out and your job is the start of their journey to business success. Let’s focus on lifting each other up, not holding each other back.  
  • Show empathy towards others. Listen with empathy, without distraction and with intention. Let’s agree to sometimes disagree and know that the loudest voices aren’t always the ones who know the most.  
  • Grow by giving and seeking nothing in return. Not everything in life needs to be a transaction. It’s why we don’t take a commission for posting jobs, quotes or interacting with the community. Your profit is your profit. If we are to take a leaf out of the pages of Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational, it’s about embracing the social norms – aka the actions we do that are not based on money.   

Community keeps us together 

Community to us is more than the connections we stand to make via a screen. We want to encourage and empower people to step out from behind their devices, and forge connections to their “IRL” community – their neighbours, their local high street, the people that make their local area unique.   

It seems that more than ever cultivating a positive relationship in our local communities, and returning to what are often thought of as old-fashioned traits like knowing your neighbours, are vital to feeling like we belong.  

In fact, Relationships Australia recently found that people who had more opportunity to meet others in their community were 2.9 times more likely to experience a positive change in their relationship to their community.  

A friendly nod or wave as you walk in your front door, knowing someone is keeping you in their thoughts and might check up on you if they’ve not seen you in a few days or being able to borrow a cup of sugar – could be the positive difference in someone’s day.  

How will you embrace community before the end of 2021?  



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Aug 20, 2021

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