Frequently asked questions

Learn more about how you can make the most of your experience with Australia’s new free to use interactive job market.


Personal users.
The freedom of choice; you get to view ALL available quotes. There are no meddling middlemen commodifying and selling your needs. Know with confidence the business you select isn’t charged a commission; doesn’t have to pay for your request (also known as a job lead); nor do they have the ability to purchase your job request as a Zero Competition Lead (ZCL). We provide an open marketplace, just like it should be.

Businesses and Job Seekers.
Experience the freedom to create your own opportunities and work for yourself. If you’re purchasing job leads, or paying commissions, you’re actually working for someone else. Any money you spend should go towards promoting yourself, providing you with convenience, and ultimately benefiting your vision, your family, and your community.

Ask the Market is here to support Australian businesses, job seekers and service seekers at any point in their journey. Whether you’re an established professional, have just begun your voyage into the working world or are looking for someone with the skills to fit your bill, we have you covered.

Anyone! Our platform is specifically designed for you to be able to find the services, employment or staff, or the job leads you’re looking for – without having to pay any fees or commissions

Ask the Market is a new free to use community marketplace for local services. Finding and creating new opportunities has never been easier – check out our How it works page

Create a personal, job seeker or business account and start searching for work, create a job listing or provide a quote for a job – and you don’t have to pay a cent. To create a premium business or job seeker account and give your profile greater visibility in our people and businesses directories, a nominal monthly membership fee is charged.

Set up your personal, job seeker or business profile with all of your relevant information included. Once you’ve opened your account, you can begin exploring Ask the Market’s people and business directories or post a quote request or job vacancy of your own.

We’re different because we’re empowering a community of people with seamless and accessible options. We allow small businesses to connect directly to the needs of the community. We broaden the reach of sole-traders and entrepreneurs. We promote job seekers and the needs of the community. And above all, we invest in the purpose of those in the community. We do this by providing a free-to-use marketplace and by providing the tools necessary for people to visualise and create their own opportunities. We’re different because we are driven by purpose, not profit.

When you verify your contact details a verification symbol is displayed on your account to shows other users your contact details are legitimate and can be trusted.

For premium users its essential to verify your contact details so you can receive your requested notifications for job vacancies and/or quote requests (job leads).

If you haven’t received your verification email into your inbox; please check your spam folder, junk mail, or clutter. Otherwise, get in touch with our support team via the contact form below and we’ll resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Ask the Market has multiple membership options available.
Personal Account – Free!
Job Seeker Account – Free, or paid Premium
Business Account – Free, or paid Premium
*Premium options include a one-time payment for 40days premium membership access, or recurring monthly or annual payments for a  subscription memberships.

If there is an issue with your account, please ‘contact us’ and well do our best to fix the issue, rather than deleting your account and you having to start again.

If you want to permanently delete your account, please ‘contact us’ with a short message about why you want to delete your account, and we’ll contact you to confirm the request before deleting it for you.


Before posting your quote request to Ask the Market, make sure you’ve provided as much detail about the task as possible, in the form provided. This will ensure that any businesses offering their services are able to provide you with an accurate quote.

To create and post a quote request, you’ll first need to set up your free Personal account. Once you’ve filled in the details of the job you need done – you’ll then be able to submit your post and Ask the Market for a quote request.

Head to “My account” → “Management” → “Posts” → “Create New” → “Quote request” → Fill in the listing form with relevant information → Upload.

You will receive a message in your account inbox when someone responds to your quote request. You can then use our direct messenger to disclose information as you see fit. (i.e Phone number, email address)

Click on “My account” → Head to “Account Settings” → Select “Change Password” → Choose your new password and confirm → Click “Update”.

For your privacy, quote requests from personal accounts only show your first name and the details of your request. Only Ask the Market business members can respond to your request; and, they can only do this via messages to your inbox. You choose if and when to release your personal details (e.g. phone number or email address).

Tip: For your privacy, don’t include your street (house) number in the location of your Quote request – just the street name and suburb. You can disclose this number when you’re comfortable to do so, or at the point of engagement.

A “quote request” is a listing you make when you Ask the Market for services. It allows businesses to see the details of the task you have and then provide you with a quote for the services required.

Job Seeker

You’ll first need to create a job seeker profile to begin searching for jobs near you. Explore available employment opportunities in our job vacancies directory. Once you’ve found the right role for you click apply and submit your application.

Not a cent. Opening a free Job Seeker account gives you access to countless opportunities for work and the ability to apply to an unlimited number of job vacancies.

If you want to have your profile listed as a “featured listing” in our “people directory”, making your profile more visible and easier for potential employers to find, then you’ll need to create a Premium Job Seeker account for either a small monthly membership fee or a one-time payment to gain 40 days access to a premium membership.

Your free Job Seeker profile will give you access to apply to an unlimited number of job vacancies as well as to post a request for services. You’ll receive a basic listing in our people directory and your profile will have all of our basic features.

As a premium Job Seeker membership holder, your profile will be listed as a “featured listing” in our people directory. Giving you access to our direct messaging, gallery, map / location and “About” features – displaying your profile to more potential employers and increasing your chances of landing your dream job.

With a premium Job Seeker profile, you’ll also have the ability to upload a profile picture or logo, receive SMS or email notifications, save job vacancies to your watch list and access your user dashboard.

Yes! You can cancel your premium membership at any time, just use the downgrade option. Your premium membership will remain open giving you access to your premium account until the next membership renewal date.

  • Keep your profile up to date with current skills, qualifications, experience and references.
  • Apply for jobs that match your current skill set.

No! Regardless of whether your account is free, or on a premium membership, the number of job applications you can make is not limited.

Help your potential employer get to know you by explaining how your past and current work experience have prepared you for the role you’re pursuing.

Do a bit of research on the company, their products and services and make sure you’ve reviewed the job description for any additional information which could be handy to know.

Prepare a few examples of your past work as well as reference letters which can vouch for your skills and character. This isn’t always needed, but is nice to have in case your interviewer asks.

Should I prepare some questions to ask my interviewer?
Going to your interview prepared with thoughtful and relevant questions, demonstrates your passion, level of understanding and interest in the role. Deliberate questions are a great way for you to learn more about your potential employer too.

How will my interviewer test my knowledge?
Each potential employer will have their own methods of testing your knowledge to make sure you’re a good fit for the job. Make sure you’re prepared

What should I wear to my interview?
When you get a call back, or direct message from a potential employer, don’t be afraid to ask what the preferred dress code is for your interview. Most interviews range from smart casual, business casual to business attire.

  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Casual
  • Contract
  • Freelance
  • Commission

Ask the Market is an inclusive and supportive Australian job search platform. We encourage our users to make themselves available for people from all walks of life and do not discriminate unfairly against job seekers with disabilities.


Select “Get started” → Choose “Business” → Fill in the relevant fields with your business details → select a password and confirm → “Agree” to terms and conditions + privacy policy → select “Submit”. When creating your business account, make sure that your business name and ABN match with your ASIC registration.

Once your account information has been submitted – you’ll then be able to access your account and begin exploring Ask the Market.

Go to our “Quote requests” page and select the listing you’d like to provide a quote for, via the “View post” button. Select “Message” and get in touch with the author of the listing to provide them with a quote for the task they need completed.

Head to “My account” → “Management” → “Posts” → “Create New” → “Job vacancy” → Fill in the listing form with relevant information → Upload.

To create and post a quote request, you’ll first need to set up your account, whether premium, or free. Once you’ve filled in the details of the job you need done – you’ll then be able to submit your post and Ask the Market for a quote request.

Head to “My account” → “Management” → “Posts” → “Create New” → “Quote request” → Fill in the listing form with relevant information → Upload.

To upgrade your account to Premium, head to “My account” → “Membership” → “Upgrade” → Select the membership type (e.g. 40-days only, monthly or annual subscription) input your account details → Upload.

Upon returning to your account, select “edit profile” and complete your new unlocked feature fields and notification requirements. Its that simple!

Yes! You can cancel your premium membership at any time, just use the downgrade option. Your premium membership will remain open giving you access to your premium account until the next membership renewal date.