Fostering a Purposeful Australian Marketplace

Fostering a Purposeful Australian Marketplace



When I started mapping out what would become Ask the Market, I knew it had to be led by the core belief that we are in charge of our own success. That we get to live life by (our own) design.  

It mattered that Ask the Market played a role in cultivating a community that shared the belief that we didn’t have to wait for the opportunities to come to us, and that – whatever industry we found ourselves working in – we had the power to create our own success.  

From the surface, Ask the Market is an online platform where people from the general public to sole traders, small business to entrepreneurs can connect with one another, post jobs and seek work. But I wanted to – and think together – we’ll create something much more powerful.  

Life by design – what does it mean? 

 Life by design doesn’t have to mean leaving your 9-to-5 job and not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from to launch a start-up – although it might. That’s the beauty. We each get to define what living by design means for us with our own appetite for risk, needs and wants giving us the alignment and framework. 

 Life by design is a guiding principle to live your life with deliberate dedication every day. It’s an intention, a decision to operate with alignment, leave compromise behind, and be driven by purpose, not profit.  

 What I hope to impart and build into the community at Ask the Market is a spirit of not being about doing the same things over and over expecting the same result, but rather doing something different and expecting greater results 

 Finding purpose isn’t one size fits all 

 Our parents and grandparents might tisk and tutt at our desire to find as much meaning as we do in our work and it is a privilege to have the choice. Finding your purpose or the work that brings you the most meaning isn’t a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all exercise. But it is easier with the advent of online communities like Ask the Market and the rise of the gig economy.  

 With the ability to participate in these online communities, you can test the waters on a hobby you want to turn into something more. You can build your side hustle while still working, getting it to a point that you can sit in the driver’s seat of your business full-time. You can invest the time to discover – with a low entry point and risk of loss – what your purpose is and what motivates you to live life by your own design.  

 Purpose isn’t something we’re given on a silver spoon. It is something we must create for ourselves and then choose to be led by every day. And if I’ve learnt anything, true purpose has to come from within. It isn’t our wealth, material possessions or consuming items that gives us our purpose.  

 We can choose to be distracted by ‘shiny object syndrome’ or we can choose every morning when we wake up to act from our place of purpose, and take steps – no matter how small – everyday to live in alignment with that.  

 When you find what you are passionate about, what you’re good at and how you can offer this to customers, you are closer to being driven by your own individual purpose. It becomes easier to focus on designing your life around achieving that. You start saying no to opportunities that don’t serve you, you say yes to giving back to yourself – taking a course to learn something new, reaching out to someone you admire to ask for their mentorship, supporting fellow business owners when you shop and step back from a life being busy for busy’s sake. 

 More inspiration? 

If this blog has sparked something in you, here are some of the books, articles and talks that have given me the most food for thought.  

  1. The ethics of ambiguity by Simone De Beauvoir 
  2. Start with why: how great leaders inspire everyone to take action by Simon Sinek 
  3. Feeling stuck – fuelling life from average to epic by Bosco Anthony (TEDxStanleyPark) 
  4. Five steps to designing the life you want by Bill Burnett (TEDxStanford) 
  5. The human condition by Hannah Arendt   

Life’s a journey – let’s use our freedom to choose the destination! What are you going to do differently today? 

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Oct 20, 2021

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