When you’re looking for staff, try the community approach.

When you’re looking for staff, try the community approach.



Many of us at the moment may be looking for staff, or even looking for work, but not sure where to turn in this new climate. With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the way we work, live, and more has changed. It’s brought challenge but also opportunity. We’ve had to rethink our traditional methods and approaches to daily tasks and find ways to adjust to this new normal. One area that has borne the brunt of these challenges has without a doubt been the labour market, whether it be retail, trades, or professional services. Downsizing, working from home, closures, and lockdowns—the pandemic has upended it all.

However, a year and a half on, we find ourselves in a unique position. Demand for work is back up but staff are in short supply. If we look at the data, the unemployment rate is at its lowest in more than ten years, sitting at 4.5% in August, 2021. Couple this with the exodus of short-term migrant workers due to border closures—some 300,000 plus—finding staff has become harder than ever. We’re in the midst of what some are calling a ‘war for talent’.

But, at the same time, we’re also seeing the underemployment rate climb—most recent figures have it sitting at 9.3%. This means there’s talent out there willing to work more but not in jobs. So how do we connect employers looking for staff with those in the job market looking for work? This is the goal of Ask the Market.


Where local needs find local solutions


Our desire is to bring these two parties together in a way that’s simple, effective, and driven by purpose, not profit. It’s about helping and uniting the community in a way that benefits all. If you’re a business currently buried under work and looking for staff to help manage the load, Ask the Market is a platform that can help. Or, on the opposite end of the equation, if you’re someone with skills and talents to offer, but can’t find work, we’re here to help too.

Ask the Market brings businesses, talent, jobs, and quote requests all to the one place. And it’s all local. As a business looking for staff, you’re able to list a job vacancy and put out the call for support. It’s free to sign up, and Ask the Market doesn’t charge a commission. This could be for a new barista to help manage your increase in customers, a bookkeeper to ensure your financials are in order, or a receptionist to manage the front desk.

You can also browse prospective employees too. Those looking for work can create profiles on Ask the Market and list the skills they have on offer. Whether it’s a freelancer looking to take on some extra work or a student with retail skills keen to pick up a few shifts, they’re able to list their availability with Ask the Market. This facilitates a two-way exchange of services and jobs, giving both sides an optimised and effective tool in finding the work or assistance they need. And of course, it’s free for job seekers as well.


Getting your neighbourhood onboard

In the end, it all comes back to our goal of providing a platform for the community to come together and help one another. In this post-pandemic climate, where traditional solutions and approaches don’t always suffice, turning to those closest—your community—is key. With unemployment at record lows, but underemployment soaring, a service in the middle like Ask the Market is needed more than ever.

Find the help you need, whether it’s talent or work, simply and easily, all in the one place: Ask the Market.

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Oct 20, 2021

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