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A lot is said about buying local, supporting local, and living local. Why? Supporting one’s local community brings benefits to all. You drive community economies, bring jobs and services to your neighbours and friends, and form connections and synergies with those around you. Those close to home tend to understand local needs more intimately and treasure their communities more deeply. It’s due to these reasons that Ask the Market aims to solve local needs with local solutions. And with the nine-fold increase in the gig economy, this has never been more important.

For local businesses in particular, Ask the Market is a game changer. As we’ve seen with the Covid-19 pandemic especially, traditional methods are out the window, and new approaches must be explored. Whether you’re a sole trader, or an office of twenty plus, Ask the Market brings the power of community problem solving to your business’ doorstep. And there are several key reasons why:

Community-powered solutions

Firstly, Ask the Market is purpose-driven, not profit-driven. We’re not here to commodify your problems or sell you solutions. Rather, we exist to support local business and facilitate connections by providing a platform where you can share your needs or services. Often you know what you need, but don’t know where or how to find the appropriate solution. We believe those solutions exist locally, and our marketplace is where you can find them—and most importantly, cost-free.

Second—transparency is key. Forget the middle man, this is the one-stop, direct-to-market solution. There is no working with agents, recruiters, or external organisations—with Ask the Market, you go straight from need to solution. That wall you need painted? Get a quote from the painter themselves. Looking for employees or a hairdresser for your salon? Find a local stylist in moments. You can reach out, you can handle the hiring, and you can control the process from start to finish. And that’s all without a commission, meaning money stays in the community, investing and enriching.

Thirdly, supporting your local area supports you. Or better still, by solving your needs, you’re solving the needs of others too. By contributing to your local community, either as a business looking to hire, or as someone with skills to share, you’re growing the local economy and nurturing shared value. If this pandemic has shown us anything, turning to those closest has been crucial. There’s no reason this shouldn’t continue when life returns to its familiar routine.

And finally, unlike some competitors, there are no contracts or exit fees, meaning you can cancel any time. This gives you the flexibility to find the solutions you need, burden-free. You’ll also notice the website is easy to use with a seamless design that brings candidates and jobs to you, right when you need them. This is core to who we are at Ask the Market—community problem solving, done right.

A helping hand is closer than you think

So what services are available on Ask the Market? Anything! That’s what’s so great. The platform brings together so many different people, from so many different industries, that finding what you need is fast and easy. Homeowners looking to renovate the house can connect with tradies, businesses looking for employees can connect with talent, and freelancers can find leads for new work. There truly is space for everyone.

All in all, the goal for Ask the Market is to be the marketplace that supports the local community. We believe in the value of neighbourhood-driven localised solutions and want to supercharge that as best we can. That’s why we’re fee-free, commission-free, and simple to use. Jump on in and see how you can help support your local community, and how they can help you.

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Oct 20, 2021

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