10 Best Electricians in Gladstone QLD in 2021

Electrical wiring structures require credible personnel to install them, do regular maintenance and troubleshoot when needed. When electrical systems are poorly installed or fail to be properly maintained, this is quite a hazard. Faulty electrical systems can cause fires that end up wrecking equipment, buildings and also cause injuries or death to people around. 

To mitigate such a result, one should be keen when selecting a licensed electrician. If you reside in Gladstone or its surrounding, settling on the most fitting electrician may be difficult. This is because there are numerous electricians in and around the city. Luckily, there are several electricians in Gladstone that have a cutting edge above the rest and any of them are ideal.

Top-Ranked Electricians in Gladstone

If you need the services of an electrician in Gladstone, you can choose any of the following:

1. Platinum Electricians

Platinum electricians Gladstone are among the most professional electrical contractors in Gladstone. Their services are not only limited to Queensland but also cover the entire Australia. Platinum serves as both a commercial and industrial electrician. Their services are accessible to all kinds of enterprises and industries. 

Aside from installation, platinum electricians also maintain electrical systems, shielding them from breaking down unexpectedly. Installation, maintenance, and repair of solar systems for commercial buildings and homes is yet another service offered by platinum electricians. However massive your project is, you can trust platinum electrical gladstone for all your electrical needs.

2. DSES Electrical and Solar 

Electricians at Daniel Shea Electrical and Solar (DSES) are highly skilled in the provision of numerous services, with over 10 years of experience. Some of these services are the installation of air-conditioning and off-grid solar systems for both commercial and industrial purposes. They also offer testing services for electrical systems, ensuring that it is functional. If any flaw is noticed during inspection a repair or replacement is done by the electricians. 

Their services are mobile and are available round the clock. They have resources such as vehicles to enable them to get to their clients in good time and conveniently. Each system will be customised to the customer’s budget. 

3. Ray Martin electrical

Hiring an electrician in Gladstone QLD calls for you to get one who is from a firm that has expertise in a wide range of electrical work. This is where Ray Martin electrical comes in. Over time, this company takes pride in having skilled and dependable personnel who have been offering quality services. On top of this, the firm has specialized in almost every kind of electrical work. From installing switchboards, fans, sensor lights, fit-outs, among many more.

4. Anchor Electrical Services

This firm has been in the industry for close to a decade. This is enough proof that within that period, they have gathered a lot of experience and their expertise has highly grown. Anchor electrical services mainly offer commercial electrical work and that of residential spaces. As they are fully licensed, the standard of their work is top-notch. The firm is also insured, therefore enhancing the quality of their work.

5. Gray Electrical and Air-Conditioning

Aside from the typical electrical jobs of an electrician, one of their other specialties is dealing with air-conditioning services. The firm installs and repairs air-conditioning systems for commercial and domestic spaces as well. With more than 10 years of experience, you can bet on quality results from the Gray electrical and air-conditioning firm.

6. Tudman Electrical

For your rewiring and installation needs, Tudman electrical is the ideal company to contact. Even though the services offered may appear limited, this implies that they have fully mastered the best way to handle them and deliver absolute results. Aside from cash, clients can wire their payments to Tudman electrical through electronic fund transfer channels. 

7. AAA Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd

This firm offers a wide range of electrical services. These services are used for industrial, domestic, and commercial purposes. Some of these services include data cabling, installation of fire alarms, fit-outs for offices, and control wiring. Electricians working under AAA contractors are both professional and provide their services at pocket-friendly rates.

8. Geddes and Locke Pty Ltd

This firm offers distinct services from most electrical companies. They carry out underground electrical work, tagging and making wiring connections. They also service and upgrade systems that may appear faulty or outdated. 

9. Port City Electrical Contractors

This electrical company is fairly new in the industry. However, its level of professionalism and standard of work delivered is not influenced by the time it has been in existence. Installing generators, electrical panels, smoke detectors, and outlets, are some of the services that the company offers that are unavailable in a number of the other electrical companies. Clients are allowed to pay for services using credit cards.

10. Barnes Electrical Service Tech

Since the final years of the 20th century, this firm has been in existence, with the founder having more than 30 years of experience as an electrician. The firm has competence in the installation of personalized control panels for using various sectors such as manufacturing and mining.


The companies listed above are not arranged in the order of expertise. All of them are equally competent, with each having an attribute that stands out among the rest. Selecting any of them is, therefore, a wise decision as they are all capable of delivering the results you need. 

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Nov 22, 2021

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