About us

Since our launch in 2021, we’ve been providing Australia’s local businesses, job seekers and service seekers, with access to countless opportunities for work and quality services.

Our story

Ask the Market is Australia’s newest marketplace for local services with a difference.
We provide an open and interactive marketplace, with no meddling middleman. Where all parties have total transparency along with the freedom to grow their vision into a reality. As a small Australian business ourselves, Ask the Market makes every effort to uphold the core values of our founder Christian Crosby, and demonstrates these values by focusing less on creating shareholder profits and more on delivering support and value within the community.

We do not charge commissions, nor do we charge businesses to view requests or to provide quotes. Our members’ needs are NOT turned into commodities to be bought, sold and traded. We strive to put our users first and have created a platform which benefits our users most. Our community of job seekers, businesses and service seekers are provided with access to countless opportunities to empower themselves, develop their careers, boost business exposure and get the quality services they need. And most importantly, we provide our users with the freedom to “ask the market” directly.

Our founder


Who is Christian Crosby? A leader in our community with a vision of a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where everyday people can create their own opportunities, support one another, and contribute towards a future they want. A network of people with meaning in their life and inspiration to fulfill their own purpose.

After witnessing many of his peers feeling dis-empowered, lost in life’s expectations, he discovered his own purpose. He would inspire people with the confidence they needed to create their own opportunities; to empower people to create opportunities that benefit one another; to live life by design, not by default.

Being born into a society where people give with the expectation of receiving something in return, Christian chose not to conform. Instead, he would create something which would benefit the community, contribute towards a better tomorrow, be a catalyst for positive change. Ask the Market is that change!

It has taken courage, humility, faith, and discipline but Christian is no stranger to hard work. With a career history from picking fruit, to retail, warehousing and logistics, and later the export, mining and gas sectors, Christian’s experience has given him a clear insight into the reality of being a job seeker, business owner and someone seeking services.

Ask the Market was created to support those people who embrace difference and choose to create their own opportunities. It is for those courageous people, those entrepreneurs, sole-traders, small businesses who choose to make a difference. Its for people with big ideas and the faith to act on them. It’s a community which everyone can be a part of; a network of people helping one another to build a better tomorrow”.

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start you will.” – Stephen King

Our promise

Ask the Market is devoted to putting our community first. We'll never charge commissions from the jobs you complete or charge you to provide a potential customer with a quote.
Our platform will always be a place where our users are able to list for free and without hidden fees.

Our purpose

We're here to be a helping hand in the community. We help our members to create their own opportunities. We genuinely care about our users and strive to build a community of talented and hard-working people, who can freely connect, and be empowered to bring their visions to life.

Our values

As a small business ourselves, we value the integrity, passion and fair-mindedness our community stands on. We pride ourselves on honesty, trust and transparency - with pricing, our community members and from our users themselves.